Amata’s case assessment support services in Chicago will handle routine office and administrative tasks required to keep a law firm running smoothly. Our services are extensive and help you gain a competitive advantage through efficiency. We work to free up your schedule so that you can focus on navigating your caseload.

Types of Case Assessment Support Services Amata OffersCase Assessment

Small law firms handle a variety of tasks, often one after the other in rapid succession. Each legal case is unique and presents its own set of difficulties, and case assessment can become overwhelming as your caseload grows. One of the most effective ways to address this issue is to utilize paralegal services, which help reduce the back-office workload associated with each case, ultimately streamlining the law firm’s overall process.

Amata offers comprehensive case assessment support services, including:

  • Fact investigations
  • Interviewing clients
  • Organizing and maintaining case files
  • Act as liaison with local counsel
  • Drafting discovery requests and responses
  • Obtaining documents from clients or third-parties
  • Preparing document productions
  • Preparing exhibits for mediation, arbitration, depositions, and trials
  • And more

Our paralegal support services will help you achieve your law firm’s goals while building your reputation along the way. Amata’s dedication to legal excellence and professionalism ensures that you deliver a satisfying client experience throughout the time we work together.

How Our Paralegal Support Services Work

Amata provides efficient and effective paralegal services throughout Chicago, enabling you to supplement your existing staff and expand your business. We work toward providing the most seamless experience possible for your firm and elevating your practice.

Here is how your solo or small law firm can get started:

  • Step 1. Contact the Amata team
  • Step 2. Email your requests
  • Step 3. Decide if and how you want to work with our office

That’s it!

With support from paralegal team overseeing the practice’s administrative functions, you have more time to take on new cases. Your time is valuable; Don’t waste it drafting simple pleadings or handling routine tasks. Amata can help you manage your caseload from start to finish.

Superior Customer Service at a Fair Price

An overwhelmed law firm team is a stressed-out law firm. Delegate your case assignment and management needs to our office. Amata delivers reliably on paralegal support services that work for you, including:

  • Billing by the minute or hour
  • Spanish-speaking services
  • Administrative and legal services
  • Offices equipped to handle client meetings, depositions & conferences
  • Experienced personnel

Get Chicago Case Assessment Support Service Help

We are ready to learn more about how our Amata support team ca assist your practice. Amata’s paralegal services offer billing by the hour or minute. If you want to learn more about how we can help your solo or small Chicago law firm, connect with our offices today for details.

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