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Daily Runs to Courts, County Clerk’s, and Sheriff’s Offices

Amata has been a trusted resource for Chicagoland area attorneys when they need to retrieve vital records, record land deeds, eFile and search the court docket. Our team of paralegals, legal admins and docket clerks make daily trips to Cook County Courts, the Clerk’s Office and Sheriff’s office to retrieve vital records, conduct court docket searches, record deeds and many other tasks. All client requests are handled confidentially and expediently. Our team  is familiar with all local courts and county offices and are able expedite most matters. We ensure your legal delivery need is met on time, every time.

Types of Daily Runs Amata Makes

Daily Runs

Amata’s team can handle same-day filings, urgent vital records requests, and delivery of courtesy copies to a judge’s chambers. Our paralegals and legal admins are experienced and knowledgeable about the legal process.

You can count on us to handle the following:

  • Service of Process
  • Birth and death certificates
  • Court docket searches and retrieval of documents
  • Delivery courtesy copies
  • Estimates of Redemption
  • File applications
  • FOIA requests
  • Obtain certified copies
  • Obtain duplicate tax bill
  • Obtain state corporate records on companies
  • Pay code violation orders
  • Pay fees
  • Police reports
  • Record deeds
  • Research of local court rules/procedures
  • Service of Process
  • Water certificates

Amata can arrange for the pick-up and delivery of your requests with ease and confidence. When your caseload demands your time, our paralegals and legal admin in Chicago can alleviate some of the stress by delivering them to you.

When to Outsource Trips to Courts and Public Offices

When it comes to the justice system, delivering documents on time and meeting deadlines is critical. With this much at stake, ensure that your legal requests are handled and delivered by a legal admin familiar with the process.

To expedite your matters, Amata provides clients an instant line of credit so that our team can pay for and obtain your requests. There is never a need to make unneccary trips downtown or to sacrifice your time.  Here are a few times when you may need to outsource your daily runs:

Help Maintaining Delivery/Pick-Up Records

Amata is equipped with the tools that help us track and record all deliveries. When your assistant arrives at the destination, we keep track of when the item was delivered and when the document was signed upon delivery. With this type of tracking and record-keeping, law firms that use daily runs help ensure that they reach clients on time and as requested.

More Familiarity with the Area

When it comes to the legal system, certain documents must be signed by clients, third parties, and others within a specified time frame. If the documents are not completed and signed by a specified deadline, the case may be delayed, incurring additional costs for the firm. Firms can avoid this risk by working with Amata. Our administrative assistants are familiar with the quickest routes to get documents from your firm to your clients.

Requiring Same-Day Service

With Amata, your documents can reach clients, courts, and companies when needed. If your legal documents require expedited delivery, our paralegal team can reliably deliver on your behalf. You will never have to worry about your document not arriving at its destination due to oversight.

Always On-Time

We are experts at providing on-time delivery and pick-up services for lawyers throughout Chicago and Illinois. By selecting us to handle your daily runs, you can rest assured that your documents will be handled properly and arrive at their intended destinations.

Need Trained Staff

The paralegal team at Amata is fully conversant with the filing and recording processes. We collaborate directly with your firm, keeping you informed of progress. Once documents are filed, we will promptly send confirmation and return copies. Same-day and last-minute emergency filings are our specialties.

Let us know what we can do to make life easier for you!

What Makes Amata Different?

Regardless of your needs, Amata can help. Hundreds of lawyers and law firms have relied on us for all of their delivery needs, and they continue to do so because we offer benefits that other legal support services do not, including:


Each of our paralegal team members have experience in basic procedures at the courts, Cook County Clerk’s and Sherrif’s offices.

Line Of Credit

Amata clients each are granted a line of credit so they do not have to compromise their credit card or account information. When fees need to be paid, Amata will pay those charges and you will receive an itemized invoice so you are able to bill back your clients when appropriate.

Courtesy Copies

We provide same-day paper copy delivery when requested by the judge assigned to a case.

Available Printing Services

We can print any filing you have, regardless of the page count, and promptly file it with the court or get documents notarized.


Our goal is to make any last-minute filing or document retrieval as quickly as possible within many requests resolving within an hour.


Do you have other legal support needs? No problem: Amata offers attorney support services, including printing, paralegal, and litigation support.

We Make Legal Support Services Predictably Affordable

Amata’s simple pricing structure means you and your clients are never surprised with unexpected expenses.  Our rates for daily runs are $60 an hour plus copying costs. That’s it!

We bill by the minute, not the hour, so you don’t pay for more time than you use. Let us know what we can do to make your caseload easier!

Connect with Amata

You can speak with a member of Amata’s team for more information by calling 1.888.525.9344, emailing, or sending us a message here. We would be delighted to discuss your daily runs requirements in greater detail and can arrange for regular, tailored services.