Amata’s discovery paralegal services in Chicago support attorneys when gathering evidence during the discovery phase. Our discovery and e-discovery legal support team possess the necessary skills and abilities to assist attorneys with all facets of the discovery stage. You can rely on our legal staff to deliver responsive and transparent services.

Discovery Legal Support Services We Offer

The most critical and time-consuming phase of a lawsuit is discovery. Many attorneys and staff members become overwhelmed by paperwork and electronic filings required when filing a lawsuit. Our staff has assisted law firms in handling discovery on an incalculable number of cases. We are prepared to apply our experience and knowledge to each client’s specific needs.

Discovery and E-Discovery Services

General Discovery Paralegal Services

We provide a comprehensive suite of discovery services, including interviewing, data collection, document production, drafting, and bate stamping. Amata provides law firms in Chicago with premium service and the utmost professional care with every project.

Amata offers the following court filing services and discovery legal support services to lawyers in the Chicagoland area:

  • Drafting responses and replies
  • Interrogatories
  • Requests for production
  • Admissions requests
  • Subpoenas
  • Compel Motions
  • And more!

Whether your law firm requires assistance in drafting discovery documents, initial requests, or productions and interrogatories, or your client has served you with discovery requests, and you need responses, our paralegals can assist you.

E-discovery Paralegal Services

Amata also specializes in cost-effective, tailored e-discovery paralegal services. Our goal is to streamline the e-discovery process at your firm or handle an extra heavy caseload when you need it the most.

eDiscovery paralegal services we offer include:

  • Document filing
  • Privilege document reviews
  • Managed document review
  • Productions
  • Custom e-discovery paralegal services

Law firms throughout Chicagoland recognize Amata as a superior e-discovery paralegal services provider in Illinois. We strive hard to offer up-to-the-minute support services transparently. We also have a working knowledge of e-discovery rules for local courts and understand your needs proactively.

Amata Works with Your Law Firm Seamlessly

You can count on Amata to deliver on legal support services reliably. We strive to work with (and not against) your existing in-house practices:

  • ADMINISTRATION, PARALEGAL & NOTARY SERVICES: Only pay for the services you use, not a subscription.
  • FIXED-FEE COURTESY COPIES & COURT FILINGS: Take the frustration out of preparing your e-discovery and document productions.
  • SPANISH TRANSLATION: Spanish-speaking clients will appreciate our multi-lingual paralegals for telephone calls, meetings, and documentation.

The skilled staff at Amata can even assist you in analyzing, examining, coding documents, drafting responses, and helping you handle the paralegal work of your client’s case! You will have the reassurance that our team is watching out for your law firm as if we were a part of your in-house team.

Get Discovery and E-Discovery Legal Support Services

Are you interested in learning more about how Amata can help? Give us a call now or message us through the contact form here.


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