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The Anatomy of a Shared Office Move in Chicago’s Loop

Ready to move from the home office to a permanent space in the Loop? If your requirement is small, for example 125-200 square feet and you still need those amenities you enjoyed at home; privacy, coffee nearby, furnished for productivity with internet and phones you will most likely find yourself looking at “shared” space.

Now let’s clarify a couple different types of “shared” space. One may be renting a desk/office from a company who has some excess, or for our example, it will be renting from a service provider who serves clients typically requiring 1-5 private offices without signing a long term traditional lease for space. At the same time, they want the privacy of their own space versus living in someone’s else’s identity as found when renting internally from a larger company.

Kind of like living with your parents as an adult versus getting a place on your own!

To keep the theme of cash is king as we did on our post the anatomy and cash outlay of a 3500 square foot office move, we will use the following assumptions for your shared office move:

  • 135-150 sf interior office
  • Moving into a Class A office space – beautiful building & high on Amenities
  • Furnished with Loads of high speed internet
  • Free and unlimited coffee, tea and water
  • Prestigious business address
  • Complimentary use of lounges & open work areas
  • Complimentary access to all social events and networking events
  • Dedicated phone number including voicemail, voicemail to email and after hours auto attendant
  • Wireless access throughout the space
  • Daily Mail delivery to your office
  • Administrative support when needed
  • All applicable taxes and set up fees included
  • Attractively designed space – without the brand of others detracting from yours!
  • Complimentary use of Gym were available
  • Discounted parking nearby
  • Personalized phone answering by a live onsite receptionist
  • Access to conference room, video conferencing and presentation technology

The Anatomy of a Shared Office Move in Chicago’s Loop

Surprised?         You can support your business extremely well for about $840 per month!

When compared to some entrepreneurs spending nearly the same amount to share a table in a trendy loft most business professionals have seen the value in equipping their business for success. In two recent articles, the trend of open workspaces is being challenged and the value of a closed door for conversations quite thinking and security for your business assets may make you rethink that trendy loft coworking space.


Disclaimer: In the example we included real data based on Amata’s programs, promotions and offerings at the time of this blog. We understand that this is not a snapshot of the entire market, but as the only private provider who has been in business for over 12 years, we feel our insight has value. Although prices may be lower or higher elsewhere – choosing a provider with experience adds even more value to the example.