For growing law firms, the value of a paralegal services can be clear – attorneys can increase billable hours, decreasing the cost to their clients, and increase the profitability of their law practice. Explore why below and see how how Amata helps growing law firms by offering as-needed paralegal services.

Get Competent Support

The Value of Paralegal Services

Attorneys are naturally busy, and often require adequate and competent support. And while legal secretaries provide administrative support; the paralegal provides that same administrative support while also serving as an extension of the attorney. An experienced paralegal is capable of handling   substantial legal task when supervised by a licensed attorney, which helps in building and maintaining a profitable law practice.  

Increase Billable Hours

Recent trends have shown that the average attorney spends between 2.5 and 3.5 hours on billable work per day. Assigning appropriate work to experienced paralegals allows the attorney to maximize his/her time, get more accomplished and focus on growing their practice. Experienced paralegals have the legal knowledge and organizational skills to handle very simple and complex task. Task such as client centered communication is an art. Clients want to be listened to, informed and updated on the status of their cases. This is often very difficult for attorneys to manage on their own. This is where valuable paralegal services come in.  While this may fall under the administrative support umbrella; it is a very helpful to the attorney and frees up valuable time. This also provides a very positive client-centered experience. 

Time Is Money

An attorneys time is definitely money, and case research and document review are also areas paralegal services can help the attorney and save valuable time. Properly supervised paralegal can review important case documents and research case law. Westlaw and other services also help to access and review documents quickly which also saves time and resources. As you may have noticed, a paralegals role is a very important one and contributes greatly to the growth and profitability of a law practice. 

Delegate Drafting Of Documents

One of the most important and more complex components of being a paralegal is drafting legal discovery documents and pleadings for the attorney. This is where having an experience intuitive paralegal really adds value to a law practice. These types of documents in most instances are the very foundation of filing a case. Attention to detail and proper formatting are imperative. In addition to preparing court documents paralegals assist their supervising lawyers with closings and trials. Paralegals can help by gathering case information and organizing documents for the actual case. Attorneys spends a significant portion of their workdays on legal administrative support tasks that don’t bring in revenue.  it is estimated that attorneys spend an average of 31% of their workdays on billable work.  Delegating non-billable tasks to a paralegal, the attorney can be more productive. They will also free up more of your time to focus on billable work. 

Get Ahead By Using Paralegals

In today’s fast paced world, the objective is to work smarter. Using paralegal services to assist with legal tasks doesn’t just make attorneys more efficient—it also saves the attorney (and the clients) money. Paralegals bill at lower rates than the attorney, delegating certain tasks to them means a lower overall cost for the firm’s services. When these savings are passed on to clients, you deliver great service and a more positive client experience—it’s a win-win. And in today’s competitive world wins are what matters. 

Amata offers Paralegal Services because we know how important it can be to successful law firms.

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