The term “virtual office” has been around for a while now. Its longevity, however, has not lent much to its understanding. We have found in our experience that many people are still confused or unsure about the whole “virtual” thing.

As a leading provider of virtual services, we thought we better clear up the confusion! So here’s a breakdown of what a virtual office is, how it works, and why you might want one.

Firstly, to understand a virtual office, you have to acknowledge the fact that today’s technology allows for profound advancements in business. As communication methods evolve, the need for in-person business dealings is lessened. Many job roles can be performed outside of the office, particularly those who only work on their computers. For companies, saving overhead costs on an office lease means a large amount of money can be reinvested where it is needed most. And so companies that could manage it, started dropping their leases and working from home, using technology to continue their communications.

This type of business is called a virtual company.

If you are a virtual company, you have a virtual office. A virtual office is a location that exists in cyberspace. Now in order to run a virtual company, you need virtual office services. Virtual office services connect your virtual office to your virtual company.

Since members of a virtual company work from home, they need to be able to maintain effective communication, not only with each other, but with business associates. They also need to maintain professional appearances. Virtual office service providers are companies that offer a variety of options to assist with this.

We, at Amata, offer such services in addition to private offices and co-working space. They can range from a simple business address to lend credibility to your company and receive business mail to a fully loaded virtual office package including access to all six Amata shared office space locations during normal business hours, 24 conference room credits, business address, personalized call answering and quite a bit more.

So with a virtual office, not only do you save money on rent, but you also pay only for the services you need to run your business. Some companies require more services, some less, but you can decide your own level of commitment.

We always recommend starting with at least a business address and phone to have a professional representation of your company. Our virtual office business addresses are in prestigious locations that will turn clients’ heads. And having a live professional answer and field your business calls gives your clients assurance of your legitimacy.

It’s also necessary to have some type of web and video conferencing software for a virtual office. This is a cloud-based tool that allows for different features depending on the provider. The basics should allow you to hold video conferencing on your computer and/or phone with groups, view, present, and share webinars, and communicate with others through some sort of messaging. This is how employers who have virtual companies stay in close contact with their team members and hold meetings with colleagues and clients from anywhere in the world.

So, as you can see, virtual offices aren’t that complicated. Just remember, there is a difference between a virtual company, office, and services, and they all work together to make the virtual company successful.

Are you interested in learning more about virtual office services? You can check out some details on our site at to see all of the services we offer.


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