Prior to any work being performed, our team members will review the scope of work with you and establish cost expectations. Billing rates for our team members vary based on the type of work and the team member’s experience. Alternative fee and project-based fee arrangements are also available for certain projects. General billing ranges are listed below.

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Sr. Paralegals: $85 - $165/hour
Paralegals: $65 - $85/hour
Paralegal Assistance: $50 - $65/hour
Administrative Assistance: $50/hour
Virtual Assistance: $50 - $85/hour
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Messenger: Cost + 15%
Fed-Ex: Cost + 15%
Postage Services: Cost + 15%
Black & White Copies/Print: $0.15/copy
Scanning: No charge
Color Copies/Prints: $0.50/copy
Binding: Supply Costs + Support Time
Incoming/Outgoing Fax: $0.30/page
Shredding: $1.25/lb.
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Notary/Witness Service (Amata Location)
  • This service includes travel and convenience fees.
($6.50 minimum charge; includes $1.00 fee for any notarial act)
Remote Notary/Witness Service
  • This service does not include travel and convenience fees.
  • Includes video recording.
$75.00 to $120/hour location dependent
(includes $1.00 fee for any notarial act)
Court Runs
  • Research/review court docket and request/obtain copies of court documents.
  • Assemble, print, and prepare courtesy copies.
  • Assemble, print, prepare documents for delivery to Sheriff’s Office for service of process.
  • Assemble, print, prepare documents for delivery or filing with IL Workers’ Comp Commission, Secretary of State’s Office, Cook County Clerk’s Office, Cook County Assessor’s Office, IDHR, EEOC, etc.
$65.00/hour + any copy fees
(Court filing fees, and/or service fees plus 15%)
Basic Administrative & Virtual Assistant Support
  • Mail opening/scanning
  • Assistance with certified mailings
  • Scanning/copying documents
  • Faxing documents
  • Preparation of FedEx
  • Set up assistance and coordination of services (phone, copier codes, messenger)
  • Bank deposit
  • Catering support/ordering
  • Faxing support
  • Special orders/3rd party ordering
  • Video conferencing set-up
Administrative & Virtual Assistant Support
  • General document/file organization
  • Document review and summarization
  • Summarization of data
  • Record abstraction
  • Data entry
  • Internet and public database research
  • Calendar management
  • Meeting scheduling and coordination
  • Technological support
  • Invoice preparation
  • Record compilation
  • Non-legal correspondence, transmittal letters, and email
  • Document formatting
  • Prepare/edit PowerPoint presentations
  • Assist with social media
  • Create templates/forms/charts/timelines
  • Updating case management system
  • Enter attorney time/expenses; pay invoices
Hand Deliveries/Pick-Ups
  • In Chicago Loop area; package prepared by you for delivery.
  • Standard – request and documents received by 11:30 a.m. delivered same day by 5:00 p.m.
  • Urgent – request and documents received after 11:30 a.m. delivered same day by 5:00 p.m.
  • Expedited – delivered within the hour after receipt of documents.
  • Review and check to ensure court documents are signed, all exhibits accounted for, documents are compliant with the Supreme Court of Illinois’ Electronic Document Standards (i.e. within max file size, OCR’d).
  • Prepare Notice of Filing, Notice of Motion, Certificate of Service, and forms.
  • Review of local rules, court’s standing orders, & any temporary procedural orders in place.
  • Spindle or piggyback motion hearing dates, and any communications with court clerk.
  • Confirm acceptance of filing by the court clerk.
  • E-service available, if needed.
  • Coordinate delivery of courtesy copy, if needed.
(minimum charge $32.50; attorney pays for any associated court costs or filing fees)
Document Translation
  • Not certified, not for use in court.
Interpreter – Remote
  • (On demand/certified) Available upon request 48-hours’ notice to avoid expediting fees.
Available upon request 48 hours’ notice to avoid expediting fees
Interpreter – On-Site
  • Call for additional languages/certified
Available upon request 48 hours’ notice to avoid expediting fees
Preparation of Table of Authorities
  • Formatting appellate briefs
$135.00 service fee + LSS1 time
Skip Trace - Basic
$55 minimum fee + LSS1 time
for any analysis/investigation
Skip Trace - Comprehensive
$105 minimum fee + LSS1 time
for any analysis/investigation
Asset Search (bank accounts)
$405 service fee + LSS3 time
  • Nationwide; all real estate documents
  • Client credentials required
$85 service fee + LSS1 time
(does not include any county recording fee)
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(All work is performed under the direction/ supervision of an attorney)
Legal Support Services I ("LSS1")
Legal Support Services II ("LSS2")
  • Work requiring or completed by a senior paralegal
Legal Support Services III ("LSS3")
  • Advanced document productions.
  • Document review projects, coding, case management.
  • E-discovery consultation (tools for litigation hold/preservation, document review platforms, document production planning, etc.).
  • Collection of basic ESI (custodian interviews, emails, text messages, video, documents).
  • Coordination of expert collection of ESI (forensic, social networking sites, video, audio, email, text messages, etc.).
  • Residential and real estate closings
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  • Internet and public record investigations.
  • Research of local court rules/procedures, pro hac vice admissions, foreign judgments, out of state subpoenas.
  • Court docket searches and retrieval of documents – state, federal, and administrative.
  • Obtain police reports.
  • FOIA requests.
  • Secretary of State - check various records on whether a company is active/inactive and identify their registered agents for service and obtain secretary of state corporate records on companies; file applications, amendments, annual reports, deeds, obtain apostille, etc.
  • Cook County Recorder – obtain documents, record deeds, MyDec, obtain full payment certificate, obtain water certificates.
  • Cook County Assessor’s Office – obtain Estimates of Redemption, obtain duplicate tax bill.
  • City Hall – pay code violation orders.
  • Fact investigation.
  • Interview client(s) and witness(es).
  • Organize and maintain case files.
  • Act as liaison with local counsel.
  • Draft discovery requests, responses, and help obtain documents from clients.
  • Prepare document productions (review and follow ESI order regarding production format, ensure documents are unitized, redact confidential, PII, privileged information, Bates number, add confidential designations, create/maintain document indices, i.e. pleadings index, production log with documents received or produced).
  • Prepare subpoenas, citations to discover assets, garnishments.
  • Review documents for relevance.
  • Review documents for responsiveness.
  • Prepare witness files.
  • Prepare documents/exhibits - mediations, arbitrations, depositions, trial, motions for summary judgment.
  • Draft privilege log.
  • Assist in collecting email in proper format (if using a document review tool).
  • E-discovery and complex document reviews.
  • Draft authorization and request to medical facility to obtain medical records.
  • Prepare and maintain spreadsheet of medical records requested and follow up with medical facility as needed.
  • Review, summarize, and prepare chronology of medical records.
  • Electronic filing – state, federal, and administrative (IWCC, IDHR, EEOC).
  • Coordinate/schedule court hearings, depositions, mediations, expert witnesses.
  • Draft simple motions, answers.
  • Coordinate service of process with sheriff or private process server.
See paralegal for details on the following:
  • Draft routine motions, orders, affidavits (i.e. motion for leave to file sealed exhibits, motions for extension of time, motion to appoint special process server, motion for alternative service).
  • Appear for clerk’s status call; administrative hearings; enter agreed orders.
  • Coordinate trial arrangements, including courtroom set up and use of equipment.
  • Coordinate and/or assist in preparing demonstrative exhibits.
  • Prepare hearing, mediation, and trial notebooks.
  • Prepare witness and exhibit lists.
  • Exhibit preparation and organization.
  • Prepare jury instructions and motions in limine.
  • Provide assistance at trial.
  • Prepare organizational documents, including articles of incorporation or dissolution, stock certificates and merger agreements.
  • Draft contracts, such as employment contracts, non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements, etc.
  • Prepare and review loan agreements, joint venture agreements, credit agreements, and associated ancillary documents.
  • Handle UCC searches and filings.
  • Handle mortgage and lien-related filings.
  • Assist with venture capital investment documents.
  • Prepare closing statements.
  • Respond to lender’s know-your-customer requests (Fannie/Freddie documents).