Customized to suit the needs of your firm

Select how and when you want Amata to answer the phone; part-time, full-time, after hours – whenever you choose! Our receptionists provide personalized greetings and custom call handling to create a friendly, welcoming experience for your callers.

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Never miss a new client opportunity

Upon greeting callers, we follow your instructions to screen calls, complete new client in-take forms, schedule appointments, and engage your clients with friendly, personalized service.

Eliminate non-billable, busy work from your schedule

Amata serves as more than a call answering service for your law firm. Amata's team of paralegals, virtual assistants, law clerks and administrators are an extension of your law firm. From handling client calls to scheduling follow-up appointments, we are here to assist you.

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Instant access to information

As soon as a receptionist finishes with your caller, you receive notification through forms, email, or text. You are always connected to your customers and on top of call activity from any device. Receive daily call reports for you or anyone on your team.



New Client In-Take

Amata captures every potential new customer and the information you need to follow up and take on their case. When you’re available, we can warmly transfer these callers your way for immediate attention. When you’re unavailable, we get their information into your CRM or practice management software.

Outbound phone call

Outbound Call Assistance

Need to set up a few appointments, but are running short of time? Send us a message and we will make those calls for you and get appointments set up on your calendar. No additional charge; the minutes count toward your total receptionist minutes.

Phone hosting

Phone Hosting

Eliminate your phone bill and save extra cash each month using Amata to host your business number.

Call filtering

Robocall Filtering

With Amata filtering your calls, you will never have to deal with unwanted robocalls again.

Call notifications

Call Notifications

Receive email or text messages when callers leave a message.

Custom firm directory

Custom Firm Directory

We will set up voice mails for your multiple departments in your firm, even if you are a solo law practice.

Appointment scheduling

Appointment Scheduling

Win business with convenient scheduling for your clients. We work with your preferred calendaring system to set up times for you to speak with clients.

Extended business hours

Extended Business Hours

Based on your instructions, we’ll customize your complimentary after-hours call handling. Clients’ needs don’t stop at 5 pm and neither do we.


Try Amata's Live Virtual Receptionists Risk Free for 21 Days.

Try Amata Risk Free For 21 Days

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Our Team is an extension of your law firm.

We are the support staff for law firms. We engage your callers in conversation, just like someone on your staff would. We help build long-term relationships that translate to increased ROI, word of mouth referrals, and more business for your firm.

We are not an answering service or temp agency. We are a part of your team.


Download our guide to virtual receptionist, virtual assistants, and paralegal support to get a complete understanding of what we can do for you.

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The Amata App makes Remote Work Easy.

The app replicates your desk phone, only showing your business number, and allows you to return calls, take calls, or check voicemail. You can also change your availability status and check in with coworkers.

Easily transfer calls, start a video call, and chat with colleagues.

Receive messages from your receptionist and read voicemail messages.

Answer calls directly, send them to Amata or any other number you choose with call forwarding features.

Update receptionists with call answering instructions, change your script, or request special handling for dpecific callers. Never miss that game-changing call you are waiting for.

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Amata mobile app

How it works

Congratulations on making the decision to join Amata! Setup is very easy.



You can transfer or port your existing phone number or select new numbers from Amata’s number bank.



You upload the Amata phone app and we assist you in setting up a voicemail for you and your team.



You can select a pre-written script, work with our team to customize how your calls are answered, or have calls go directly to your voicemail.


  • Your next caller is greeted by a friendly, engaging voice: “Hello. Thank you for calling GLG Law Firm, where our clients always come first. How may I help you today?”
  • Based on your customized call handling instructions, we either screen the call, contact you to ask if you want to take it, gather caller information, or send the caller to your voicemail.
  • As soon as the call is complete, your receptionist sends a completed form, email, or text with the caller’s message and any relevant details.
  • Based on your instructions, we also engage callers by answering FAQs, scheduling appointments, and completing caller in-take forms.

No big investments, employees to manage, or equipment to purchase. In no time at all, you have a friendly, engaging receptionist greeting your clients as an extension of your law firm.


Try Amata's live virtual receptionists risk free for 21 Days. If you are not completely satisfied you pay nothing and walk away with no obligations.

Try Amata Risk Free For 21 Days

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