Office Space » How a Chicago Loop Office Adds Value to Your Company

How a Chicago Loop Office Adds Value to Your Company

How a Chicago Loop Office Adds Value to Your Company

Everyone knows with the modern communications of internet access you can do a lot of work from home. You can get even more done from a designated office space. On occasion you may have to make a trip to visit a client, suppliers or simply make a physical presence as validation you’re doing the work required. Although the extent of benefit may vary depending on the field you work in, nearly every job can benefit by having an office in the thick of the action where both your customers and vendors spend their days.

You may do your job and submit your results on your computer and over the internet, respectively, but it can make things go more smoothly if you are in the general vicinity of other people working in the field. In Chicago, this means considering office space in the Loop so you can represent your company on professional terms alongside other businesses.


The Chicago Loop is home to the local offices of national companies, which may give the impression that only large businesses operate here. That’s not the case. There is plenty of office space available for smaller businesses to operate. An office in the Loop gives your company the opportunity to work alongside banking, retail, educational, government and other offices. It makes it a bit easier on your employees to have the access provided by the proximity of other businesses when they need information or resources from outside. Even daily logistical tasks such as shipping are easier, since you’re in an area that is business rather than residentially oriented.


As to the logistics of working from a Loop office, don’t forget recruitment opportunities. In the Loop, you’re in the area that potential new employees recognize as the business district and the area in which they seek employment. Whether you’re hiring new graduates entering the field or established professionals interested in advancing their careers, business men and women will take your company and the employment opportunity it provides more seriously simply because your location leaves a lasting first impression.


That first impression is important for hiring the best new employees, but is equally important to your potential clients. Unless you are the only provider of a very specific service, consider where these clients are and which company they are likely to choose between an office in the business Loop or an office on the edge of town. Consider, as an example, if you need a lawyer’s signature, or expertise in filling out certain paperwork. Would you drive out of the city to hire a lawyer in the suburbs, or would you simply have a lawyer you see every day at lunch take care of the assignment? And, should a larger, more important issue come up, would you continue to give business to the lawyer with whom you already have a relationship, or hire someone new? That is one major advantage of working in a business area. People see you, people know who you are, and people are likely to contract your services based on that familiarity.

Central Location

There’s another aspect of convenience when working from an office in the Loop. Keep in mind, if you’re like most professionals and especially within a small or even a start-up company, you work long hours. That doesn’t mean you don’t have a life outside of work. You have to buy the things you need, and hopefully you have to buy the occasional gifts for friends, family and loved ones. Retail businesses realize this also, and provide plenty of shopping in the area so you don’t have to make a special trip when the need comes up. Even if you have the impression that your business revolves around you, you can trust that your employees and clients will appreciate this convenience.

At the end of the day, the choice of where to place your office is up to you. Of course you can conduct your business from a home office or a location outside of the Chicago Loop. With that said, office space in an established business locale provides advantages that simply aren’t available outside the area. That is a legitimate business concern to be considered when choosing where you want to conduct your business and base your operations.