Steve Mesirow: Mesirow Financial | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

Steve Mesirow is the Senior Managing Director in Mesirow Wealth Management and he has been providing expert investment advice and financial planning strategies to his clients for over 25 years. In this episode, Steve talks about how law businesses are at a disadvantage because they register their taxes at the highest rates. He discussed all the ways in which lawyers can build and protect their wealth in a tax-advantaged way.

Ryan Kimler: How a Fractional CFO can Help a Firm’s Profitability | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

Ryan Kimler is the Founder of Financial Clarity, working with solo and partner practice law firms, bringing them financial clarity to grow their law practice into successful and profitable businesses. In this episode, Ryan talks about how important financial discipline and accounting is for a law firm and how invaluable the guidance of a CFO or accountant can be on that regard.

They also discuss how the CFO and accountant is not only useful for keeping your law firm financially uncompromised, but also to project future earnings and actions that must be taken to ensure the firm’s profit for each of its members.

Estate Planning: When you have a child with Special Needs! | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

Gregg Garofalo is the Founding Partner at Garofalo Law Group, he has been practicing law for 20 years with a strong focus on probate matters and estate planning. Gregg talks about when it’s right to do estate planning and what are some basic estate planning one should have outright.

Gregg also talks about estate planning if you have a special needs child, how you can maximize their benefit to give them the best care they can receive from both your estate and the government. Lastly, he talks about how estate planning must be revisited at least annually to review how it can be adjusted to changes in the family’s life, decisions, circumstances, or just life in general.

Inevitable Evictions In Cook County

It’s time to proceed with inevitable evictions – even though Cook County Circuit Court issued General Orders due to health concerns with spreading the coronavirus (COVID-19) and halted enforcements of any residential Eviction Orders.

Megan Mathias: Lawyer, Single Mom, Chicago Alderman | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

Megan Mathias is the Founder of LOPP Mathias Law, she represents business owners with challenges relating to corporate governance, employment issues, shareholder disputes, Family Law disputes and contract issues. Megan talks about how entrepreneurial knowledge and creating a united culture is important in building a good law firm.

She talks about how her law firm started out as a virtual service and how that benefit both the clients and lawyers. Megan also talks about how she was able to manage her time in a season where she had to juggle a lot of responsibilities. They also talk a bit also about political issues that need to be addressed and Megan’s stand as an elected Alderman.

Stephen Seckler: Coaching Can Make All the Difference! | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

Stephen Seckler is the President of Seckler Legal Recruiting and Coaching and the host of the Counsel to Counsel Podcast. In this episode, he talks about how lawyers can leverage marketing strategies and techniques and why it’s important to have a healthy practice. He also talks about how you as a lawyer can grow efficiently in your career, career issues that lawyers should watch out for and the benefits of working with a coach. They also talked a bit about retirement and the next stage for seniors

McKenna Prohov: Encouraging Clients to Think With a Legal Mindset | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

McKenna is the founder of Law x Design, a legal practice that focuses on entrepreneurs, artists and start-ups. In this episode, she talks about encouraging clients to think with a legal mindset to protect themselve’s from liability. She also talks about how people are all unique, and the best way to keep clients is to acknowledge that they’re all individuals and to dedicate a lot of time on networking. The mental health state of younger lawyers were also discussed and what we can do to improve it. They also talked about the current experience of women in law and what changes McKenna wants to see in the future of the business of law.

Clinton Ind: Finding Your Niche in the Business of Law | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast (1)

Clinton Ind chose a vastly different route in practicing law compared to his wife: he is a solo attorney turned in-house counsel, while she has worked at a large, international firm. However, how they found their paths, he explains, is the same.

Attorneys: Struggling to Maintain Good Mental Health? Learn How These Law Firms Support Their Teams.

According to The American Lawyer’s 2020 Midlevel Associates Survey, nearly 50% of midlevel associates have anxiety. Three in four associates also said their firms negatively affect their mental health. How do attorneys manage their stress in a hugely competitive and draining field?

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