Marketing: How to Create a Pipeline of New Clients Without Referrals

Amata is kicking off a new series to help lawyers better understand how to navigate the challenges of marketing for law firms. In partnership with Constellation Marketing, our first episode covers an in-depth overview to create something every business owner wants: a steady pipeline of clients.

Reception Services: Make Sure To Keep Your Phone Number

Many businesses are familiar with the need to connect their contact phone number with their company name, and depending on how long they’ve been in business, have already accomplished it. In this regard, a daunting prospect for many business owners is the notion of having to change it. Unfortunately, this can be the case for those who are needing to change or add phone services, as many providers will not allow them to keep their existing number in the process.

Ways Virtual Law Firms Can Improve Communication With Clients

Virtual law firms have seen a rise in popularity over the last several years. But, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a bigger boost in the demand for virtual legal professionals.

Patrick Carver: Law Firm Marketing Simplified | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

Patrick Carver is the Owner of Constellation Marketing, a digital marketing company that focuses on driving growth for law firms using web design, advertising and other tools. In this episode, Ron and Patrick talked about how you can take advantage of the many facets of digital marketing today.

Nate Dinger: Signature Bank | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

Nate Dinger is the Senior Vice President of Commercial Banking at Signature Bank – he helps small, mid sized businesses, and law firms in Chicago manage their finances. Often times lawyers don’t have any time to take care of their own firm’s financial concerns so Nate, along with Signature Bank, helps them through financial advise, management and even through giving out loans for cases – which is uncommon since banks usually see court cases as high risk situations.

Steve Mesirow: Mesirow Financial | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

Steve Mesirow is the Senior Managing Director in Mesirow Wealth Management and he has been providing expert investment advice and financial planning strategies to his clients for over 25 years. In this episode, Steve talks about how law businesses are at a disadvantage because they register their taxes at the highest rates. He discussed all the ways in which lawyers can build and protect their wealth in a tax-advantaged way.

Work-From-Home Lawyer? 5 Things You Need to Outpace Your Competition

Adapting your law practice to a work-from-home model takes planning and hard work. Here are our top 5 suggestions to help your law firm operate remotely and still achieve success.

Estate Planning: When you have a child with Special Needs! | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

Gregg Garofalo is the Founding Partner at Garofalo Law Group, he has been practicing law for 20 years with a strong focus on probate matters and estate planning. Gregg talks about when it’s right to do estate planning and what are some basic estate planning one should have outright.

Gregg also talks about estate planning if you have a special needs child, how you can maximize their benefit to give them the best care they can receive from both your estate and the government. Lastly, he talks about how estate planning must be revisited at least annually to review how it can be adjusted to changes in the family’s life, decisions, circumstances, or just life in general.

3 Considerations for Becoming a Virtual Law Firm

What does a virtual law firm need to succeed in today’s legal landscape? In this blog, we examine three pivotal considerations when deciding to make the switch to becoming a virtual law firm.

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